Is Houston a bad place to live?

Is Houston a bad place to live?

In Houston, expats continue to be unhappy with the quality of living in the city but rank it among the top 10 overall for both the Finance & Housing as well as the Local Cost of Living Index. The city's weakest spot is its quality of living, where expats are especially unhappy with local transportation.

Where is the best place to live in Houston?

Best Areas to Live in Houston

  • The Woodlands - The Woodlands is an award winning master planned community north of Houston that many think is a city, when actually it is a newly established township. ...
  • Katy - Katy is the second most popular suburb in the Houston area. ...
  • Cypress - Cypress has seen some astronomical growth of the last 5-10 years.

What's the wealthiest city in Texas?

So what city topped the list? San Antonio suburb Terrell Hills earned the distinction a the state's wealthiest city -- yet again. The affluent alcove some five miles northeast of downtown San Antonio topped HomeSnacks' 2020 and 2019 lists of the Lone Star State's richest cities.

Where do millionaires live in Houston?

One of the independent cities that make up the Memorial Villages, Piney Point Village is the wealthiest area in Texas by per capita income. Opulence and luxury are staples in Piney Point real estate, a community where you can also find the most expensive houses in Houston.