Is Skyline overrated?

Is Skyline overrated?

Like any popular car, they're a bit overrated. But they're still great cars. They're unique, have tons of history, fun to drive, have good engine options, can do drifting/road racing/drag racing, and have an enormous aftermarket.

Why does everyone want a skyline?

Its popular because it was a very powerful production car and illegal in the US because of emissions. Part of its popularity in the US comes from it being illegal since people always want what they cant have. they are awesome. Have you not seen Fast and Furious and 2F2F???

Do Nissan GTR hold value?

Nissan GT-R: Holds 60.

How much money do you have to make to afford a GTR?

Now, a usual rule-of-thumb is to not spend more than 40% of your annual post-tax (net) income on a car. Apparently this car costs around $300,000. If we take the tax rate in California, USA, it is about 50%. So, by that logic, you'd have to earn $1.

Is Nissan GTR worth buying?

Impressively slow depreciation Typically, we expect cars to lose their value rapidly after purchase, with many vehicles only being worth half of their original value three years after purchase. The Nissan GT-R may be pricey, but it also holds its value phenomenally well.

Why are Nissan GTRs so cheap?

It's cheap because the GTR's POS tranny falls out if you use the launch control. Car Info: New Government Motors SUV! The car is meant to promote the Nissan brand which is much more beneficial to Nissan than margin good profit margins on the GT-R itself.

Whats faster than a GTR?

If you're looking for a car that can outperform the GT-R, the Lexus LC500 isn't it. ... Starting at $92,000, the rear-wheel drive LC500 is powered by a 471-horsepower 5.