What makes Tuscany special?

What makes Tuscany special?

The charm of Tuscany is based first on the beautiful coast with its unique and diverse coastlines and beaches. ... For some, it's the Tuscan food and wine that make the region so exceptional, the most famous being Chianti, produced in the area between Florence and Siena.

What foods are Tuscany famous for?

Don't leave Tuscany without trying…

  • Fettunta. Tuscan people worship their bread, their olive oil and the traditional bruschetta, which in Florence is known as fettunta. ...
  • Panzanella. It's a mortal sin to throw stale bread away. ...
  • Ribolita. ...
  • Torta di ceci. ...
  • Acquacotta. ...
  • Pappa al pomodoro. ...
  • Castagnaccio. ...
  • Potato tortelli.

What wine is Tuscany known for?


What is the most popular wine in Tuscany?

Sangiovese. The most widely planted grape in Tuscany is also the main variety in its most classic red wines: Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and Brunello di Montalcino. In 2014, 61.

What is Tuscany best known for?

Unquestionably the best known region of Italy among foreign travelers, Tuscany conjures up romantic images of idyllic hill towns bristling with medieval towers, flowing green landscapes of low hills, and fields of sunflowers.

How much do you need to live in Tuscany?

Cost of Living in Tuscany
ExpenseU.S. $
Utilities (electric, gas, water)$185
Gasoline, maintenance, tax and insurance for one car$355
Cell phone plans (2 phones)$61

Can you take a train from Florence to Tuscany?

Florence to Tuscany by Train You can take a quick train from Florence to Siena. There are two trains available every hour. One train takes you directly to Siena and the other takes you to Empoli where you can change trains. A one-way ticket is generally around €6.

Do I need a car in Tuscany?

If you want to use northern Tuscany as a base and visit then major centers (Pisa, Lucca, Florence, Pistoia, the Versilia coast) no, you don't need a car. Choosing Pisa as a base, for instance, public transportation is excellent to all those places.

Where can I base myself in Tuscany?

Chianti as a base in Tuscany Make Chianti your base to visit Tuscany most popular landmarks, ideal for short trips or as base for part your stay. The Chianti region is a maze of winding country roads that go from one hill to another, from one vineyard to an olive grove, in a unique landscape to discover.