What distance should a toilet be from the wall?

What distance should a toilet be from the wall?

15 inches

How do you rough water lines?

Steps for Roughing in your Plumbing:

  1. Step 1)Mark Key Locations. Determine where all the toilets will be and mark its center on the wall and measure out 13 1/2 inches from that point. ...
  2. Step 2) Cut the Drain Hole. ...
  3. Step 3) Drain Pipe Installation. ...
  4. Step 4) Supply Line Installation.

What are the 3 stages of plumbing?

  • Underground rough-in phase.
  • Above ground rough inphase.
  • Finishing phase (Trim-out)

What code book do plumbers use?

National Standard Plumbing Code

What is a plumbing top out?

"top out" is a part of roughing in but in the trades "roughing in" refers to us running the pipes up from under ground/floor and "top out" refers to above (top of) ground/floor to out the roof. - - - - - - - PLUMBERS "Protecting The Health Of The Nation"

What are the stages of plumbing?

Most states have three stages of plumber licensing: apprentice, journeyman, and master.

How do you test rough-in plumbing?

You have to test using the maximum working pressure (80 psi) of water, or 50 psi of air. And you have to maintain the pressure for 15 minutes. For air testing drain-waste-vent (DWV) systems, you have to maintain 5 psi for 15 minutes. Contact your local government, to find out what they require.