What are antonyms for Eaves?

What are antonyms for Eaves?

What is the opposite of eaves?

What are eaves storage?

Eaves Storage Solutions The eaves can often be an underused space in many attic bedrooms. More often than not it is a space which can be used for storing a variety of things, from clothing and shoes to toys and linen.

How do you use eaves storage?

Order built-in under the eaves compartments and drawers for clothes and shoes; make wall-mounted boxes and shelves to fit under the roof. The storage units may be open or closed ones to visually declutter the space, and if your attic is small, add more light to make it look bigger.

How can I decorate my attic?

Opt for lower furniture and scaled artwork to create the visual effect of higher ceilings. If you want to make your attic space a quiet room to lounge in, bring in a settee, lounger, or upholstered bench, a small side table, and a reading light.

How do you use an unfinished attic?

The safest way to move around an unfinished attic is to create a catwalk (or walking platform) by attaching some 1x6 or 1x8 boards or strips of 3/4" plywood to the joists with screws (don't use nails because the hammering might disturb the drywall or plaster ceiling below).

Can luggage be stored in attic?

Luggage and suitcases are well suited to attic storage. But before you stash them away, think about a spot that will be easy to reach—you'll thank yourself the next time you head off for a vacation or work trip. Most sports gear is designed to withstand the elements, so it should be fine in the attic.

How do you store a mattress in the attic?

If possible, avoid storing your mattress in an attic, cellar or garage, because these spaces are often humid or damp. If you do have to keep a mattress in this type of environment, it's a good idea to use a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity level.

Can I store toilet paper in the attic?

Storage temperature and humidity is not an issue so you can store it in a shed, attic, basement or garage providing its in air tight sealed plastic bags. ... Close the bag tightly with a twist tie or a heavy string to secure it and your paper products are safe.

Can I storing clothes in a hot attic?

Remember, clothing items you truly care about must ideally never go into the attic, since heat is a concern here. Moreover, attics are particularly sensitive to harsh environmental conditions, dust, mites etc. An attic is hard to seal, due to ventilation issues.

How do I stop my clothes smelling musty?

6 Tips on How to Keep Clothing Fresh in Self Storage

  1. Use Air Fresheners. Air fresheners can be great for keeping clothes smelling fresh for a long time. ...
  2. Vinegar. Store in airtight containers' & explain that this helps keep clothes clean and fresh, regardless of what else might be stored in the unit.
  3. Dryer Sheets. ...
  4. Coffee Grounds. ...
  5. Vodka. ...
  6. Essential Oils.