What is bridge and its type?

What is bridge and its type?

The bridge is a rigid structure which built on obstacle for providing the passage over an obstruction. The required passage may be for railways, roads, canals, pipelines, etc. There are different types of bridges each serves a specific purpose and selected at different situations.

What would happen if there were no bridge?

without a bridge there would have been a lot of difficulties. A bridge connects two different places and without it the places would be either inaccessible or more time taking to reach. Also in bad weather the places would be not connected in absence of bridge.

What would happen if no salt bridge were used in electrochemical cell like Zn Cu cell?

The metal ions (Zn2+) formed by the loss of electrons will accumulate in one electrode and the negative ions (SO42−) will accumulate in the other. Thus , the solutions will develop charges and the current will stop flowing . Moreover , the inner circuit will not be completed.

Could you build a bridge around the world?

There are some major issues. One of them is the Bering Strait, the frozen sea between the tip of Russia and Alaska. Though it's possible to build a bridge there, the harsh weather conditions would make it extremely difficult and costly.

Can a bridge be built on an ocean?

A standard road bridge across the Atlantic would be almost impossible to construct, ruinously expensive and wildly impractical. The biggest problem for construction is the sheer depth of the Atlantic. Even the deepest non-floating oilrigs don't go down further than 550m.

Is it possible to build a bridge across the ocean?

Using the floating bridge in Dubai and a cost estimate and adding 50% due to being in open ocean/non-tropical climate it'd cost about 850 billion dollars for a 2000 mile span. ... You also have to realize that ships traverse the ocean which could easily hit, damage, or sink the bridge.

How do they build a bridge over the ocean?

Cofferdam technique is used in this case. In this method, a wall enclosing an area is build inside the water and water is continuously pumped out from the area. After that, foundation of the bridge(the pillars) is constructed inside the cofferdam. As the construction place is sea or river itself.