What are smart materials examples?

What are smart materials examples?


  • Synthetic spider web. This material is not only five times stronger than steel, but also has great elasticity. ...
  • Shrilk. Its main component is chitin, a carbohydrate found in krill shells. ...
  • Graphene.

What is a hybrid in construction?

Hybrid concrete construction is a method of construction which integrates precast concrete and cast in-situ concrete to make best advantage of their different inherent qualities. The accuracy, speed and high-quality finish of precast components can be combined with the economy and flexibility of cast in-situ concrete.

What is hybrid concrete?

What is Hybrid Concrete Construction? Hybrid concrete construction is the combination of precast and insitu concrete. Different materials are used according to their strengths and weaknesses to provide simple, buildable and competitive high-quality structures that offer consistent performance.

What can you add to cement to make it stronger?

Add too much water and you'll ruin the concrete. You can add more Portland cement to bagged concrete to make it stronger. You can also add hydrated lime. To make the strongest concrete, the sand should be sourced from volcanic lava that has a high silica content.