What AP scores does Oakland University accept?

What AP scores does Oakland University accept?

Oakland University rewards students who went above and beyond in high school by granting credit and/or exemptions from certain courses for scores of 3, 4 or 5 on advanced placement examinations.

How long are college credits good for in Ohio?

Though it is rarely written down anywhere, the truth is that some schools do impose “use by” dates for credits. These limits can range from 5 to 10 years. These are fast-developing fields in which advancements are always occurring, so coursework taken several years ago may no longer be relevant or valid today.

Can I use old college credits towards a degree?

The ability to transfer previously earned college credits can help reduce the amount of time (and money) a student must spend working toward a new degree. The good news is that, in most cases, college credits that have previously been earned may remain valid and do not expire.

Can I go back to the same college after dropping out?

You have two options when you decide to go back to school: return to the institution where you began your studies or apply to a new school or university. Some schools allow prior dropouts to return to school without reapplying.

How do I finish college in 2 years?

Here are some of the ways you can prepare to earn a bachelor's degree in less than the time it usually takes other students to complete.

  1. Bachelor degree completion programs. ...
  2. College courses during high school. ...
  3. Transfer credits. ...
  4. Accelerated degrees. ...
  5. Take summer semesters. ...
  6. Take night classes.

Do you have pay back financial aid if you drop out?

Consider the financial cost before you quit college. Find out what dropping out of college means for your financial aid and student loans. ... Because students that drop out of college are required to pay back any financial aid they have used to pay for their college education./span>

Is it better to drop a class or get an F?

If you believe you will fail the class or get a low grade no matter what you do, it is usually better to drop it, because getting a C, D or F can significantly hurt your GPA and usually looks worse to colleges than dropping a class does./span>

What happens to your financial aid when you withdraw?

The Federal Return of Title IV Funds procedure mandates that students who officially withdraw (drop all classes) or unofficially withdraw (stop attending without dropping all classes) may only keep the financial aid they have "earned" up to the time of withdrawal.

Do I have to pay back Pell Grant if I withdraw?

Federal law requires recipients to pay back overpayments of Pell Grant funds. ... If you drop out after the 60 percent mark, you have earned the total amount of your Pell Grant award for the academic term. The federal government will not require you to return any of the funds.

What happens if you fail a class with student loans?

A withdrawal/fail, which means you withdrew from the course with a failing grade, is factored into your GPA calculation. Failing a course also means you won't get credit for the hours, which could affect your progress toward a degree and your enrollment status./span>