Why did Hugh leave Olivia in the house?

Why did Hugh leave Olivia in the house?

Hugh strikes a deal with Olivia's ghost, who has trapped her children in the Red Room so they can stay with her. He promises to spend “forever” with her, which leads to Hugh taking his own life, leaving him haunting Hill House with Olivia and their daughter Nell.

How Hugh Crain died?

He actually did die (after seemingly injecting himself with rat poison) but, depending on how you look at it, Luke was either: a) resuscitated by Steve, Shirley and Theo. b) in his dead state, was told to leave the Red Room by his twin (there with his mother and Abigail), and willed himself back to life.

What is the red room in Hill House?

The room behind Hill House's ever-locked Red Door is kind of like The Room of Requirement from the Harry Potter books, except for possessing your mind and driving you batshit insane. It's how the house keeps its residents complacent in the face of constant horror.

Is Abigail real Hill House?

Abigail Dudley is the Hill House caretakers' daughter who isn't allowed to leave her home. When we first see Abigail Dudley, she's Luke's imaginary friend. But it turns out, she's actually a very-much-alive little girl and the daughter of caretakers Horace and Clara Dudley.

Who all dies in Hill House?

Everyone Who Dies in 'The Haunting of Hill House' Season 1

  • Olivia Crain. (Photo: Steve Dietl/Netflix) ...
  • Abigail Dudley. (Photo: Netflix) ...
  • Arthur Vance. (Photo: Netflix) ...
  • Eleanor "Nell" Crain. (Photo: Netflix) ...
  • Hugh Crain. (Photo: Steve Dietl/Netflix) ...
  • Mrs. Dudley. ...
  • Crain Siblings? (Photo: Netflix) ...
  • Hill House Ghosts. (Photo: Steve Dietl/Netflix) 0comments.

Are the Dudleys ghosts Hill House?

The Dudleys are the caretakers of Hill House, and when Hugh (Henry Thomas) and Olivia (Carla Gugino) Crain purchase the home as a summer property that they hope to flip, the Dudleys help them move in and get situated.

How did Abigail die in Haunting of Hill House?

She invites them with Abigail to a tea party in the Red Room... The tea has rat poison in it, but before her kids drink, Abigail does and is killed. Abigail's ghost is trapped in Hill House and when the Dudleys realise what happened they make sure Hugh doesn't get rid of the house.

What do the Dudleys know about Hill House?

In Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House, the house's long-time caretakers, the Dudleys, know most of its secrets — if not where the bodies are buried, then where (and when) to avoid being home alone. If only the Crains had fostered a more open relationship with the Dudleys, then perhaps Mr. and Mrs.

Who is Mr Dudley in The Haunting of Hill House?

Robert Longstreet

Why does Nell see the bent neck lady?

The bent-neck was a clue as to how she would meet her end, hanging from the staircase. When you realise this, you also realise Nell has visited other characters as the bent-neck lady, which means she was actually the saviour for her siblings.

How many children did the Dudleys have in Hill House?

five children

Who is the guy Shirley keeps seeing?

Ryan appears in four episodes of the Haunting of Hill House as an apparition from Shirley Crain's (played by Elizabeth Reaser) memory. In the final episode Silence Lay Deadly it is revealed that the man appearing in her memory is Ryan, the man she had an affair with.

What is the black mold in Haunting of Hill House?

The mold was made to keep Hugh occupied. The house needed time to digest the Crain family in the red room, and with how fast the house renovations were going it meant they were going to leave before the house could consume them. The house is sentient, and it put black mold everywhere so hugh would have to stay longer.

Why is there mold in the Red Room?

One redditor has an apt guess for the actual location of Hugh's Red Room. Studying the house's floor plans, Hugh concludes that the basement mold originates from a leak on the third floor.

What's with the dogs in Hill House?

What Was Up with Those Barking Dogs? Hugh Crain mentions to Mr. Dudley that his kids have been hearing dogs barking on the property, but the caretaker is instantly confused, telling his boss that there are no dogs on the property and he's never heard any.

Do animals die in Haunting of Hill House?

Is there a dead animal? The flashbacks in Episode 2 center around one of the characters finding outdoor kittens who ultimately die. Honestly you can skip all the flashback scenes in this episode and it won't take away from the series.

Why does Eleanor say Journeys end in lovers meeting?

The repeated use of the quotation "Journeys end in lovers meeting" from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night communicates the novel's themes of seduction and predestination. ... Eleanor invokes the phrase several times throughout the novel to remind herself to follow through in her journey to unite with her "lover," Hill House.

What is Shirley's husband hiding?

We finally learn the reason Shirley's husband Kevin opened a secret checking account. Shirley considers Steven's book on Hill House to be blood money and against her wishes, Kevin took some of the book money to keep the funeral home afloat. Theo also confesses to taking the money to pay for her Ph.

Why does Nell's husband die?

One night, Nell experiences an episode of sleep paralysis and Arthur springs out of bed to help her. Sadly, as he goes to turn on their bedroom light, Arthur falls to the ground unconscious and dies from what is later explained to be an aneurysm.

What is love tis not hereafter meaning?

What is love, 'tis not hereafter, Present mirth, hath present laughter: What's to come, is still unsure. In delay there lies no plenty, ... The poem talks about a man who's telling his lover to live in the present and stop trying to find love in other places.