Why is number 2 poop?

Why is number 2 poop?

Quite simply: poo rhymes with two. ... So whether you believe "taking the Browns to the Superbowl" is "number 2" because a past classroom tradition, it's a less common form of waste, or because it rhymes with "two," it seems as though the debate will remain open.

Why do they call Pee #1 and poo #2?

It was originally euphemistic rhyming "number two"-"poo" and then it got back filled that there must be a number one and there was an obvious suspect for that. ... It could be one or two because you flush once for pee and twice for poo!

Is Pee number 1 or 2?

I was wondering about the origin of using the terms "number one" and "number two" for going to the bathroom (for those unaware, number one is urinating, number two is defecating, at least in the US).

Where is a 333 area code?

CodeTerritory or use
332New York (New York City: Manhattan only, except for Marble Hill)
333not in use
334Alabama (Montgomery, Auburn, Dothan, Enterprise, Eufaula, Opelika, Phenix City, Selma, Tuskegee and most of southeastern Alabama)
335not in use

What does a numerologist do?

The term numerologist can be used for those who place faith in numerical patterns and draw pseudoscientific inferences from them, even if those people do not practice traditional numerology.

What are the 3 digits after area code called?

The 3 digits after the area code in the U.S. is called the Prefix, which corresponds to a certain geographical area.