Can you put voile and curtains together?

Can you put voile and curtains together?

Hanging voile along with curtains is a simple way to add depth to your window treatments while also allowing more light to shine through. Also, if you want privacy without having to make your room dark, voile provides a sheer barrier between you and the outside world.

Are voile curtains old fashioned?

Voile curtains are a modern take on the traditional net, but they have a very different personality.

How do you attach voile curtains?

Slide the voile curtains onto a rod for a simple look, either through a rod pocket, or via tabs or grommets. Clip pocket voile curtains onto the rod with curtain clips, spacing them evenly across the top of the fabric panel.

How long should voile curtains be?

The curtain pole/track should extend at least 15-25cm (6"-10") to either side of the window, and 15cm (6") above the top of the window. We recommend you use a metal tape measure, which will not stretch. Please enter the whole width of the Track/Pole (Not curtain width).

How do you measure for voile curtains?

Measuring for curtain drop Where your curtains fall is a personal preference, but there are generally three places the voiles can sit; window sill, below sill and floor. The general rule of thumb is to measure from the top of your track or pole, to where you want the curtain to finish.

How do you make net curtains look modern?

Try to opt for an extended rod that will help the curtain to open completely. Attach decorative matching finials to enhance the grace of these net curtains to the next level. The valances and cornices are another two great ways to make windows look voguish and astounding.

How full should net curtains be?

Without gather a net curtain would just be a flat piece of material across the window. Twice the window width is generally the recommended amount of gather, two and a half times will give a fuller look.

How much should I allow for curtain gather?

The actual amount of gather depends on heading styles and personal preference, but as a general rule the width of your curtains should amount to double the width of your track. This is referred to as 'two times gather'.

Does the range do net curtains?

Voile Curtains - Lace & Net Curtains | The Range.

How much voile do I need?

We recommend between 2 and 2.

How do you stop fraying without sewing?

To keep fabric from fraying using pinking shears, simply trim the edges of the fabric with the shears. Pinking shears work best on fabric that is crisp and smooth such as taffeta.

What regulates the tightness or looseness of the thread?

Tension control

What raises and lowers the presser foot?

10) Presser Foot Lever—Raises and lowers the presser foot. When it is in the upward position, the upper thread tension is released. 11) Pressure Adjustment Dial—Sets the amount of pressure that the presser foot exerts on the fabric.

What regulates the tension of the tension discs on the needle thread?


What lowers and raises the feed dog?

The feed dog position switch is located on the rear of the machine on the base. - Make sure that the needle is in its highest position. - Slide the drop feed lever to the left (as seen from the rear of the machine) and turn the hand wheel one complete turn to raise the feed dogs.

How do I fix my dogs feed?

: The feed dogs are down and will not help guide the fabric.

  1. Raise the presser foot lever, and then slide the drop feed lever.
  2. Set the lever in the. position for normal sewing.
  3. The feed dogs can not be raised only by sliding the drop feed lever to . Raise the feed dogs as described below. Slide the drop feed lever to .

Do you lower the feed dogs when using a walking foot?

thanks for any advice! With a walking foot you want the feed dogs up. They move the fabric from the bottom, the walking foot moves it from the top. You can use decorative stitches if you want, as long as your walking foot will accommodate the wide stitches.

When should I lower my dogs food?

When to Lower Feed Dogs Putting feed dogs in the down position eliminates the machine's grip on the underside of the fabric, placing the craftsperson in full control of stitch length and position. That's a plus for freehand work but makes it difficult to sew a straight line of consistent stitches.

What does the feed dog do?

A set of feed dogs typically resembles two or three short, thin metal bars, crosscut with diagonal teeth, which move back and forth in slots in a sewing machine's needle plate. Their purpose is to pull ("feed") the fabric through the machine, in discrete steps, in-between stitches.