How do you attach OSB to concrete?

How do you attach OSB to concrete?

Put PT 2x4s down flat and then screw the OSB to it. Drilling into the concrete could cause water seeping in and your floor is probably not level so you can shim the sleepers. Also put some hard foam insulation between them. It will help keep the shop warm.

Can you lay plywood on concrete?

If you're installing plywood over an existing dry concrete floor, you shouldn't have any problem. However, a new concrete floor contains a lot of moisture. So, you need to allow it to cure for at least 60 days before even bothering to check the moisture level.

Do you need a subfloor on concrete?

While a subfloor is not necessary to add structural strength when you'll be laying finish flooring on top of a concrete slab (as in a basement remodel), subflooring over concrete offers two other advantages: ... A subfloor will help insulate against a concrete floor that becomes overly cold in winter.

What is under a subfloor?

Underlayment is the third layer, residing just above the subfloor. While a subfloor provides structural support, the underlayment serves as a sound barrier and can protect your flooring from moisture and heat. ... Underlayment can help protect laminate from moisture that may rise from below.

Is mold under flooring dangerous?

Allowing moisture to have its way to your hardwood floor can be very harmful. It will cause your hardwood to twist, warp and rot over time.