Can you use fiberglass drywall tape on cement?

Can you use fiberglass drywall tape on cement?

No. The Mold-X10 fiberglass mesh tape is made for drywall seams and intended to be coated with joint compound. FibaTape's Cement Board Tape is the product for cement board. The alkali-resistant coating protects the fiberglass from degradation that can occur with thin-set mortar.

Can I use durock on shower floor?

Durock by USG, It's also engineered for shower walls and floors. Like the others, Durock also makes a line of polystyrene shower products, including shower bases, curbs, benches, ramps, tile backer board, building panels but no foam shower niches.

Can you bed a shower tray on tile adhesive?

Using either tile adhesive, silicone or a weak cement mix (5 parts sand/ 1 part cement) apply sufficient to board to cover entire underside of tray. ... More may be required in places to ensure tray is level. When complete the whole of the tray should be supported by at least 5mm of cement.

Where should the waste be on a shower tray?

Low level (slim line) shower trays are often designed with the waste located in the innermost corner adjacent to the point where the two walls meet (there are exceptions to this) so for the sake of description we shall assume this to be the case.

How should a shower tray be fitted?

How To Fit A Shower Tray

  1. Mark out the tray position.
  2. Choose the waste position.
  3. Line up side panels.
  4. Check the tray is level.
  5. Attach the waste.
  6. Apply sealant.
  7. Complete the surrounding walls.
  8. Install the side panels.