What is a floating tile floor?

What is a floating tile floor?

. The term "floating floor" refers to the construction of flooring material to lock together using a system similar to a puzzle piece where the material locks together creating a tight bond. With this tight bond, the floor is stable without any attachment to the sub-floor.

Can you put tiles on a floating floor?

If a joint between wooden boards of a floating floor is not correctly located or fixed, it will be susceptible to highly localised movement which will crack the tile along the joint. If the boards of a floating floor are not tongued and grooved, they are not suitable for tiling.

Do you install tile under vanity?

If you like your vanity and intend to keep it where it is long term, you don't need to remove it during tile installation. You can simply tile around it. If the vanity is old, damaged, doesn't fit your design or is in the wrong place for your revamped bathroom, consider tiling under it.

Should I tile under the bathtub?

The answer is simple: Never tile an alcove or drop-in tub no matter what. If you do, you would have made things unnecessarily intricate. You are, however, allowed to install tiles under any freestanding tub. In fact, tiles look amazing under the clawfoot tub which is just a type of freestanding tub.

Can I use concrete for shower floor?

Not only are concrete shower walls and floors practical and easy to clean, with no grout joints where ugly mold and mildew can grow, they also permit unlimited design options. They can be stenciled to look like tile or colored with stains to create an artistic wall mural.

How far up the wall should a shower pan liner go?

6 inches