How do you use floodgate in a sentence?

How do you use floodgate in a sentence?

1. Political changes in eastern Europe opened the floodgates to thousands of people who wished to emigrate. 2. His display of kindness to her opened the floodgates again, and she began to sob loudly.

How does a floodgate work?

Floodgates, also called stop gates, are adjustable gates used to control water flow in flood barriers, reservoir, river, stream, or levee systems. ... Since most of these devices operate by controlling the water surface elevation being stored or routed, they are also known as crest gates.

What does the Bible say about floodgates?

Test me in this," says the LORD Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not cast their fruit," says the LORD Almighty.

How do you open the flood gates in Just Cause 4?

When the turbines are destroyed, you can grapple and parachute/wingsuit your way to the bottom of the dam. There's a shelter with the last computer. This opens the dam gates and water begins to poor out.

How do you go underwater in Just Cause 4?

It's just pressing the direction you want to move. So look down into the water and move forward then.

How do you destroy the generators in Just Cause 4?

What you want to do is use your grappling hook to pull the lid off (double-grapple the lid to a wall, then trigger the hook), exposing the generator's juicy innards. Shoot that, and you're done.

Where are the generators in Ojo de la Jungla?

The generators are hidden behind and under the edges of nearby buildings. Once each set of two generators are destroyed, a huge ramp-like missile launcher is raised out of the ground. When they're all up, the hacker will invite you to a garage at the eastern side of the base, where he's hiding.

Where are the generators in Just Cause 4 operation Illapa?

Use your hook to rappel around the landscape and dodge imminent lightning death as you search for the two generators you need. Unlike every other time in this game that you've been asked to take out a generator, these two are behind a pair of garage doors, opened with consoles next to them. Blow them up for hiding.

How do you unlock Qachas?

The Qachas region can finally be secured by the Army of Chaos upon completion of Operation Illapa. You'll receive 1 Squad Reserve and unlock the PWC V4. 2 Wing Gun when you secure the region.

How do you get missions in Just Cause 4?

In order to progress the storyline and unlock storyline missions, the player must complete base take-over missions. These unlock the ability to capture more area of the map and to unlock storyline missions. The main storyline missions are called "operations".

How long is Just Cause 4?

50-60 hours

How long is Just Cause 4 campaign?

All Styles
Main Story7315h 40m
Main + Extras7427h 47m
Completionists2055h 15m
All PlayStyles16725h 47m

What is the fastest way to get chaos in Just Cause 4?

Take the boat and drive to the middle of the base in the water and you will see two other boats parked in the water. You should have the 2x chaos active and start destroying these two boats. Move the camera after destroying the boats and they will instantly respawn.

How do you move the front line in Just Cause 4?

To start, make sure you have enough squads to assign within your Army of Chaos. When doing this, you can assign squads to Advance into new regions. To do so, you'll have to press the touchpad on PS4 to open the map and then select the name of a region. By pressing X, you can select the Advance Front Line option.

Where are all the Easter eggs in Just Cause 4?

All the absolute must-find Just Cause 4 Easter eggs

  • The abandoned Jurassic Park enclosure. In the north-east of the map, hidden in wooded hills in the Delta Rio Wanay area, lurks a mysterious abandoned building. ...
  • The A-Ha Take On Me video building. ...
  • The Getting Over It tribute. ...
  • The cow gun. ...
  • PUBG's frying pan. ...
  • The toy off-roader. ...
  • The Mile High Club. ...
  • Custom numberplates.

How do you level up in army of chaos?

In simple terms, increasing your Army of Chaos level can be achieved by destroying a lot of stuff. Anything you wreck that is red and white counts towards the overall meter. The bigger the object that is destroyed in Just Cause 4, the more points you get.

How do you get more troops in Just Cause 4?

Just Cause 4 How to Unlock More Squad Reserves

  1. By increasing your Chaos Level: To do this you must destroy red enemy objects in bases or destroy hostile vehicles. ...
  2. By liberating a region that gives you additional squad reserves: This only happens when a hostile region is bordered by 2+ of your friendly regions.

Can you punch in Just Cause 4?

Rico himself — weapons aside — is like a relic from games gone by, with a limited moveset in melee combat on the ground and no punch to his punch. ... Just Cause 4 could take some pointers from games like Battlefield, where weapons and explosions hit like a kick to the sternum.

Are there sharks in Just Cause 4?

There are no real living sharks that appear in the game.

What is the fastest car in Just Cause 4?

Verdeleon Eco

Can you customize cars Just Cause 4?

You don't. The "supply drop" can have multiple versions of a vehicle. The "Neon Racer Supercar" is a special version of an otherwise stock sports car.

What is the best gun in Just Cause 4?

Top 5 Best Weapons in Just Cause 4

  1. DA 9.

    Where is the fastest car in Just Cause 3?


    • Three of them are in a hangar at N E 5 42.

      Where is the 13 Vigueur Just Cause 3?

      At N E 5 40.

      What is the fastest ground vehicle?

      Thrust SSC

      How do you get Mugello Vistosa?

      Might spawn at Mugello HQ, just east of Di Ravello's house at Citate Di Ravello. Unlocked at rebel drop after bringing one to any of Mario's garages. The Vistosa is also the default vehicle for some land races.

      How do I access the rebel drop list?

      Open your map and mark the garage so you can head there without a problem if you decide you want to keep any of the vehicles you find later in the game. Take your vehicle to the garage and park in the blue circle to save it. Look in the crate nearby for a Beacon. Pick it up, then select "Rebel Drop" from the menu.

      How do you get the monster truck on Just Cause 3?

      Unlocked for Rebel drop after completing all the "Daredevil Jumps" in Insula Striate. Start the Incendiario Blast challenge and quit before you blow up. Once outside of the challenge, it won't go boom.

      Where is the F1 car Just Cause 3?

      Where to find F1 Car

      1. Go to Regno province, on Insula Striate.
      2. Liberate it (there's only one settlement to free).
      3. Look for a land race in the north-western part of the province.
      4. Go there and race (it's called City Sprint).
      5. Once the challenge is done, you'll get to keep the vehicle you used, which is the Formula 1 car.

      Does Just Cause 3 have cheats?

      Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any hard-coded cheats for Just Cause 3. ... But that doesn't mean fans of Avalanche Studios' latest open-world action game have to play without Just Cause 3 without modifying the experience.