What is the meaning of floodgates?

What is the meaning of floodgates?

1 : a gate for shutting out, admitting, or releasing a body of water : sluice. 2 : something serving to restrain an outburst opened the floodgates of criticism.

What are floodgates used for?

Floodgates are built at the end of storm sewers. During high water, floodgates prevent river water from backing through the sewer into the cities.

Do dams have gates?

Gates also regulate the outflow of water from storage reservoirs and through, around, or over dams. Leaf gates, planes perpendicular to the direction of fluid flow, open either by swinging about one hinged side or by sliding upward. Radial gates are segments of cylinders that lift entirely clear of the water.

What is a sluice robber?

Customarily, people would claim a certain area during their search for gold and leave their gold in the sluice for short intervals of time if needed. A “sluice-robber” is someone who would then go around stealing the gold from unattended sluices.

What does sluice mean?

1a : an artificial passage for water (as in a millstream) fitted with a valve or gate for stopping or regulating flow. b : a body of water pent up behind a floodgate. 2 : a dock gate : floodgate. 3a : a stream flowing through a floodgate. b : a channel to drain or carry off surplus water.

What is sluice way?

Scientific definitions for sluiceway sluiceway. [ slōōs′wā′ ] An artificial channel, especially one for carrying off a portion of the current of a stream, canal, or other larger body of water.

How do you use sluice in a sentence?

(1) We opened the sluice and the water poured in. (2) We opened the sluice and water poured in. (3) They sluice the streets down every morning. (4) We had to sluice out the garage to get rid of the smell of petrol.

What is a gold sluice?

Sluices are long, narrow "boxes" that water passes through when put in a creek or stream. Sluicing is a method of separating and recovering gold from the placer gravel by the use of running water. Gold is caught or trapped by riffles.

What does cumbersome mean?

1 : unwieldy because of heaviness and bulk a cumbersome package. 2 : slow-moving : ponderous cumbersome administrative procedures. 3 dialect : burdensome, troublesome.

What is another word for gingerly?

SYNONYMS FOR gingerly 1 cautiously, carefully, prudently.

How do you use gingerly in a sentence?

Gingerly sentence example

  • Lisa gingerly settled her body on the couch. ...
  • She gingerly untangled herself from some thorny vines and tried to stand. ...
  • Rob walked gingerly across the rocks, wincing. ...
  • Megan gingerly accepted the tool, gripping the smooth wooden handle with both hands.

What does hygiene mean?

1 : a science of the establishment and maintenance of health. 2 : conditions or practices (as of cleanliness) conducive to health has poor personal hygiene Brushing your teeth regularly is an important part of good oral hygiene.

What does imbedded mean?

1. To fix firmly in a surrounding mass: embed a post in concrete; fossils embedded in shale. 2. a. To cause to be an integral part of a surrounding whole: "a minor accuracy embedded in a larger untruth" (Ian Jack).

What is the difference between imbedded and embedded?

However, embed is a far more common spelling today, which is a fact that created the opinion that you can write “embedded” but you can't write “imbedded.” You can write both, of course, or you can choose to use the embed spelling and its derivatives if you're not too inclined to swim against the current.

What does exasperation mean in English?

noun. an act or instance of exasperating; provocation. the state of being exasperated; irritation; extreme annoyance: Her exasperation at being interrupted was understandable.

What does it mean to embed?

verb (used with object), em·bed·ded, em·bed·ding. to fix into a surrounding mass: to embed stones in cement. to surround tightly or firmly; envelop or enclose: Thick cotton padding embedded the precious vase in its box.

What does it mean to embed an image?

Definition: Embedding refers to the integration of links, images, videos, gifs and other content into social media posts or other web media. Embedded content appears as part of a post and supplies a visual element that encourages increased click through and engagement.

What is another word for embed?

Embed Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus....What is another word for embed?
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What is the purpose of embedding?

An embedding is a relatively low-dimensional space into which you can translate high-dimensional vectors. Embeddings make it easier to do machine learning on large inputs like sparse vectors representing words.

What does it mean to embed your video?

When you embed a video, you are hosting the video at another location and simply linking to it. The way you link to it, you can see the video player on your WordPress-powered website. It does not matter that the video is hosted somewhere else, like YouTube.

Do I need permission to embed YouTube videos?

According to YouTube's Terms of Service (which applies to all users, including content providers), YouTube grants permission to access and use the site, provided that “you agree not to distribute in any medium any part of the Service or Content without YouTube's prior written permission, unless YouTube makes available ...

Can I use someone else's video on YouTube?

For example, YouTube cannot grant you the rights to use content that has already been uploaded to the site. If you wish to use someone else's YouTube video, you may want to reach out to them directly. ... These elements include any music (even if it's just playing in the background), video clips, photos, and so on.