Can I use any thermostat for underfloor heating?

Can I use any thermostat for underfloor heating?

Can Any Thermostat Be Used With Electric Underfloor Heating Kits? The short answer is 'yes'. A thermostat is pretty much the brain of the heating system and allows the user to switch the heating system off and on and control the temperature.

What is the ideal temperature for in-floor heating?

about 75 F

Do I need a special thermostat for radiant heat?

Radiant floor heating doesn't require one particularly special thermostat. Many thermostats handle regular HVAC systems as well as radiant heat.

How does an underfloor heating thermostat work?

How do underfloor heating thermostats work? A room thermostat works by constantly monitoring the air temperature and switching on the heating when it falls below the temperature that has been set on the thermostat and switching it off once this set temperature has been reached.

Is in floor heating worth it?

When remodeling your bathroom, radiant floor heating is especially worth thinking about. You will save a lot on the labor cost if the flooring is being lifted up and changed anyway. The comfort and the cost savings of running the system on your heating bills will work out to your advantage in a longer run.

What furniture can you not put on underfloor heating?

The following types of furniture should never be allowed onto the surface of the carpet or other floor covering where radiant heat is installed: pianos , bookcases, closed-bottom furniture, and any stands that have sharp points as feet.

Can you put rugs on floors with underfloor heating?

As much as you want to put a beautiful rug on your flooring, the rug may serve as a blanket and restrict the passage of heat into the room. ... However, some rugs are suitable for use with the underfloor heating system. These rugs must have low thermal resistance and be hessian rather than felt-backed.

What type of underfloor heating is best?

There are two kinds of underfloor heating – electric or 'dry' systems and water-based or 'wet' systems . Electric systems are more a ordable and less disruptive to install, but their running costs are higher, so they are best suited to smaller spaces such as tiled bathrooms, or spots that are awkward to get to.

Which underfloor heating is cheapest?

The running costs of water underfloor heating depend on many factors, such as the main system generator — boiler or heat pump types. The big advantage of installing a water underfloor heating is the cheaper running cost.

Can you install underfloor heating yourself?

DIY electric underfloor heating is quick and simple for anyone to install, but is only cost-effective in smaller rooms because of the higher running costs. If you are looking to heat a larger space, we'd recommend warm water DIY wet underfloor heating systems like LoPro®.

How much does it cost for under floor heating?

Expect the cost of underfloor heating per m2 to be around £50-£75 when using electric heat mats. Cost may vary depending on insulation, heater controls, and electrician fees. Wet underfloor heating systems can cost way into the thousands. Expect whole system installations to cost £2,000+.

Is underfloor heating in a conservatory a good idea?

Due to the large area of them being made out of glass and potentially high heat loss, underfloor heating is an ideal choice. Heating your conservatory with underfloor heating is ideal as the system produces radiant heat rising from the floor level up.

Can I put underfloor heating on a concrete floor?

Underfloor heating can be fitted in both concrete and timber suspended floors, but for other floor constructions (for example we also offer a 'floating floor' solution) please contact us.