What does flaunting mean?

What does flaunting mean?

1 : to display ostentatiously or impudently : parade flaunting his superiority a chance to flaunt clothes, bodies, and sexuality — New Yorker. 2 : to treat contemptuously flaunted the rules— Louis Untermeyer. Other Words from flaunt Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Flaunt vs.

What does flouting mean?

the rules of propriety

How do I use flout?

flout the norms simply by being who they are. flout the regulations should be challenged on their attitudes, not ignored. The problems are well understood, yet each year member states openly flout EU rules. We will make businesses which flagrantly flout the rules criminally liable for the consequences.

Is Flaut a word?

flaut is an acceptable dictionary word for games like scrabble, words with friends, crossword, etc.

How do you spell Flaut?

How Do You Spell FAULT? Correct spelling for the English word "fault" is [fˈɒlt], [fˈɒlt], [f_ˈɒ_l_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How do you use the word flout in a sentence?

Flout in a Sentence ?

  1. If you're a person who likes to flout authority, you could land in jail. ...
  2. Once you flout the regulations of the IRS, you will likely spend a long time trying to get out of the hole you dug for yourself.

What defied means?

1 : to confront with assured power of resistance : disregard defy public opinion in trouble for defying a court order. 2 : to resist attempts at : withstand the paintings defy classification a decision that defies all logic. 3 : to challenge to do something considered impossible : dare defied us to name a better movie.

What part of speech is flaunt?

part of speech:transitive verb
related words:boast, wear
part of speech:intransitive verb
definition:to display oneself ostentatiously; show oneself off. synonyms: parade, show off similar words: boast, brag, strut, swagger
related words:flourish, glitter, parade

How do you use the word harbinger in a sentence?

Harbinger sentence example

  1. The people seemed to regard the American flag as the harbinger of a new era. ...
  2. Damian raised an eyebrow, not about to humor the otherworldly harbinger of bad news.

Is Harbinger good or bad?

Something that is a harbinger of something else, especially something bad, is a sign that it is going to happen.

Which synonym could be used for Harbingers?

Some common synonyms of harbinger are forerunner, herald, and precursor.

What's another word for trendsetter?

What is another word for trendsetter?
leader of fashionleading light

What is the best synonym for Omen?


  • harbinger.
  • indication.
  • portent.
  • premonition.
  • auspice.
  • foreboding.
  • prognostic.
  • straw.

What is another word for curse?

SYNONYMS FOR curse 1, 9 imprecation, execration, fulmination, malediction. 5 misfortune, calamity, trouble. 5, 6 bane, scourge, plague, affliction, torment. 13 plague, scourge, afflict, doom.

What is an example of an omen?

An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. ... These omens include natural phenomena, for example an eclipse, abnormal births of animals (especially humans) and behaviour of the sacrificial lamb on its way to the slaughter.

What are some antonyms for Omen?

What is the opposite of omen?

What is a antonym for clamor?

clamor. Antonyms: silence, acquiescence, reticence. Synonyms: contention, contentiousness, squabble, tumult, hubbub, noise, uproar, outcry, obloquy.

What is the antonym of portent?

What is the opposite of portent?

What is the meaning for antonym?

Antonyms are words that have contrasting, or opposite, meanings. Like so much of the English language, “antonym” is rooted in the Greek language. The Greek word anti means opposite, while onym means name.

What is the definition of homonym?

English Language Learners Definition of homonym : a word that is spelled and pronounced like another word but is different in meaning.

What is the example of infer?

When the phone rang and Liz picked it up, she was all smiles. It can be inferred that she was pleased to receive the phone call. A child tries a new fruit and makes a disgusted face. His mother can infer that he does not like the taste of the fruit.