What's another word for folly?

What's another word for folly?

What is another word for folly?

What is human folly?

What does "human folly" mean? ... Folly means being foolish, lacking understanding and good sense or judgment. It is basically the opposite of being wise. It is making poor sometimes stupid decisions. While stupid tend to be the opposite of smart, foolish or folly tend to be the opposite of wise.

What does folly means in the Bible?

Rather, folly or foolishness refers to someone who lacks the proper fear or respect for God. He or she is therefore prone to go in the wrong direction in life. Psalm 14:1 says, “The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God. '”

What is the opposite of Master?

Antonym of Master
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What is a female master called?


What is the feminine of master?


What is the feminine of hero?

Though 'heroine', the feminine form of the word 'hero', refers to a woman with outstanding achievements and great qualities, many use the word to convey this meaning: the main character in a movie, play or novel.

Is a sorceress a witch?

A magician, also known as a mage, warlock, witch, wizard/wizardess, enchanter/enchantress, sorcerer/sorceress or spell caster, is someone who uses or practices magic derived from supernatural, occult, or arcane sources.

What is the name of male witch?


What is the male version of a crone?

Crone, noun Which basically means the male equivalent would be wizard... infinitely less offensive. Often used alongside 'revolting old' or 'withered'.

What is a group of witches called?


What powers do warlocks have?

Warlocks do not cast spells, but instead use spell-like abilities called "invocations", which represent the tapping of the power granted to the warlock. The most important of these abilities is the "eldritch blast" which is the warlock's main offensive ability, firing a blast of magical energy at the target.

What is a wizard DND?

Wizards are supreme magic-users, defined and united as a class by the spells they cast. Their magic conjures elementals from other planes of existence, glimpses the future, or turns slain foes into shambling zombies. They learn new spells as they experiment and grow in experience. ...

What is the power of Adam Warlock?

Adam Warlock's artificial genetic structure has given him bone and muscle tissue that are denser than a normal human's, along with superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. His multi-compartmental brain grants him cosmic awareness.

Who is Adam at the end of Guardians 2?

Adam Warlock's cocoon appears briefly in an end-credit sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Ayesha states that he is the next step in the Sovereign race's evolution.

Who is playing Adam Warlock?

Eric BauzaGuardians of the Galaxy

Who is atom in the Marvel Universe?

Mister Atom is a fictional comic book supervillain, a radioactive robot who is regularly seen as an enemy of Captain Marvel. The character first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #78 in November 1947.

What does the post credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 mean?

At the end of Guardians 2, Yondu has rescued his reputation (and the universe, sort of) at the expense of his own life. His old Ravager pals show up. ... In the second post-credits sequence, Stallone's Stakar assembles his “old team,” expressing some sadness that they only got together because of the death of Yondu.

Who plays the High Priestess in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2?

Elizabeth Debicki

Who created Adam Warlock in the comics?

Stan Lee