Does foundation use jQuery?

Does foundation use jQuery?

What the Heck is Zepto or is jQuery Supported? You can use jQuery or Zepto or both! They're both included by default.

What is Foundation Web?

Foundation is a family of responsive front-end frameworks that make it easy to design beautiful responsive websites, apps and emails that look amazing on any device. Foundation is semantic, readable, flexible, and completely customizable.

What does Foundation mean in history?

the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests. the lowest division of a building, wall, or the like, usually of masonry and partly or wholly below the surface of the ground. the act of founding, setting up, establishing, etc.: a policy in effect since the foundation. the state of being founded.

What makes a foundation strong?

The key to a strong foundation is relentless attention to detail. You'll need to consider the unique soil conditions where you plan to build, the water table, and the quality of the backfill.

What is the most common foundation type?

slab foundation

What type of house foundation is best?


How deep should a foundation be?

Footings should extend to a minimum depth of 12 inches below previously undisturbed soil. Footings also must extend at least 12 inches below the frost line (the depth to which the ground freezes in winter) or must be frost-protected.

How soon can you backfill a foundation?

28 days

Can you pour foundation in winter?

With some extra considerations for weather, pouring a concrete foundation in winter is completely possible. You'll need to pay attention to frost heaving, ensure your team is protected from the elements and follow winter construction best practices, but it's far from an impossible job.

How long does it take for Foundation to set on face?

3-5 minutes

Can Foundation be used alone?

Absolutely! In fact you could just wear concealer - foundation is more to even out your skin tone - concealer is for coverage. ... In fact you could just wear concealer - foundation is more to even out your skin tone - concealer is for coverage.

Should you set your foundation?

You don't need to set your whole face with powder to make your foundation last. With a big fluffy brush and a loose setting powder (make sure to tap off the excess, first), gently swirl the powder over just the areas that tend to get extra shiny and oily, like your T-zone.