What does the fountain of youth mean?

What does the fountain of youth mean?

1 or Fountain of Youth, in stories and legends : a fountain with magic water which when drunk will cause a person to live forever. 2 : a source of the kind of energy or health that young people usually have Exercise is good for you, but it's not a perfect fountain of youth.

Have they found the fountain of youth?

No log of either voyage has survived, and no archaeological footprint has ever been uncovered. Nonetheless, historians began linking Ponce de León with the Fountain of Youth not long after his death.

Who destroyed the fountain of youth?

Destruction of the Fountain. The Spanish destroying the Fountain of Youth while Jack looks for the Chalices.

Who searched for the fountain of youth?

Juan Ponce de Leon

What does Wishing Well do in Forge of Empires?

The Wishing Well is a special production building released during the 2013 Easter Event. ... The Wishing Well produces different types of resources and commodities that can be collected every 24 hours.

Are wishing wells worth it in Forge of Empires?

If you don't yet have any of those Great Buildings, the Wishing Well is a great bargain, and worth building more than one (if you can). The Well can also be nice to have for forge points, medals and sometimes diamonds, if you have the space available in your City.

Can you play Forge of Empires without buying diamonds?

Most of the premium items and services offered in the game can be acquired without spending diamonds / real money. The methods are as follows: Purchasing bonuses at the Tavern. You can gain powerful boosts to the coin or supply production or to the effectiveness of your troops.

How can I get more than 10 Forge points?

You can only hold up to 10 Forge Points until they stop regenerating hourly. This will also prevent you from buying more. So you would have to buy Forge Points, spend them, and buy more. However, if you have a full FP bar and use a FP pack in your inventory, you can hold more than ten.

Can great buildings be plundered?

Great buildings, cultural buildings, decorations, and roads cannot be plundered. ... Residential, Production, and Goods buildings that have a finished production and are not motivated can be "Plundered" to steal their coins, supplies, goods, medals or forge points.

Can a terrace farm be plundered?

Now depending on when you earn the Terrace Farm, or the age of your town, will reflect the amount of resources it produces. You'll soon notice that it is not possible to motivate your Terrace Farm which means that it is subject to plundering at any moment once production is finished.

How often do neighborhoods change in Foe?

The Neighborhood is a group of around 80 players that are able to interact with each other in contrast to the rest of the players of the same world. The game randomly puts most, but not all active players of the same era in neighborhoods and all neighborhoods are shuffled every alternate Monday (on the odd week).

Can shrine of knowledge be plundered?

The Shrine of Knowledge is a special building released during the 2014 Easter Event. ... The building's coin production can be plundered if it isn't motivated. Players generally refer to this building as SoK.

How do you farm diamonds in Forge of Empires?

Quests. Some Story Quests and side quests have a certain amount of diamonds as rewards. Some recurring quests, event quests, story quests, and side quests have a random reward which can be diamonds. The chance to earn diamonds is around 1% However players can earn diamonds only once per each different quest.

How do I stop being plundered in Forge of Empires?

Simply tap one of the units and then select the blue "shield"-icon to add it to your city defense: Lastly, the Friends Tavern also offers a city shield for a bit of tavern silver. This will prevent other players from mounting an attack against your city and thus also prevent them from plundering it.

How do you steal in Forge of Empires?

Once you beat an enemy army you are taken to their city, from there you hit the "sabotage" button and it will show which buildings you can "steal from - plunder" you select which one you want and click you will then see the coin, supplies, or goods accredited to your city.

How do I attack other players in Forge of Empires?

You can get attacked by the "biggest". You can get attacked by all your neighbours, no matter at which age they are playing. Only in those cases, where Guild-members are also neighbours, can guild members "help" by making "revenge" attacks.

How do you motivate or Polish in Forge of Empires?

Yes you can. Instead of choosing aid you can visit their city and you will see the option to polish or motivate. Select the action and a star will appear over any eligible building (already motivated/plundered buildings will not show as available).

Is Auto Battle good in Forge of Empires?

Auto battle is bad. To use it your advantage needs to be way higher and you should be able to afford loosing a lot of units. On the other hand, if you are a lousy fighter auto-battle may even be better than you are.

What do the stars mean in Forge of Empires?

These gold stars show that these happiness buildings have been polished by either your neighbours or guild mates, which means that they will have a double turnout for twelve hours.

How do you PvP in Foe?

When you go to the Continent Maps and fight/negotiate Sectors to take Provinces, one sector in each Era will give you a PvP Tower. You can fight members of your Neighborhoods directly, or through these towers. The Era of troops you use determine the Tower in which you fight.

What is the fastest way to get diamonds in Forge of Empires?

Quests. Some Story Quests and side quests have a certain amount of diamonds as rewards. Some recurring quests, event quests, story quests, and side quests have a random reward which can be diamonds. The chance to earn diamonds is around 1% However players can earn diamonds only once per each different quest.

What does the gold star mean on Forge of Empires?

It means that either a neighbor or a guildmate visited your town and polished the building, which means that the building gives double the happiness for 12 hours.

How do you get more supplies in Forge of Empires?

Players receive supplies by placing orders in production buildings. Unlike residential buildings players need to set those orders manually. Supplies can also be earned from many special buildings, from Great Buildings as a reward for completing quests and from the Guild Expeditions.

How do I start playing Forge of Empires?


  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Do not let any of your Forge Points lapse.
  3. Make sure to get goods as early as you can.
  4. Use your goods deposits and trade for profit in the market.
  5. Use your building site effectively.
  6. Get all the expansions you can – they never expire and are essential for development.

How do you get goods in Forge of Empires?

You can get goods as a quest reward, from incidents or from the Guild Expeditions. Normally you would need to build Goods Buildings to produce certain goods there. You can produce up to five different goods per age.

What is the fastest way to get coins in Forge of Empires?

Coins - how to acquire them?

  1. Coins in the game can be acquired with the help of:
  2. Town Hall. ...
  3. Buildings from the "residential buildings" tab, or simply houses. ...
  4. Completing missions. ...
  5. Conquering new areas. ...
  6. Great Buildings and special buildings. ...
  7. Supporting other players. ...
  8. Treasure hunting.

How do you get marble in Forge of Empires?

The Marble Mason is a goods building of the Bronze Age that produces Marble. If the player controls the good deposit of Marble Rock (which eventually can be found in the provinces of the Bronze Age, the Modern Era and the Arctic Future) the production is multiplied by five.