Architecture history

  1. Who was the pharaoh who Worshipped only one God?
  2. How do I get Amenhotep's bow?
  3. How did the Pharaoh of Egypt die?
  4. Who was the oldest Pharaoh to die?
  5. Was Queen Tiye a Nubian?
  6. What was the purpose of the mortuary temple?
  7. Who were Akhenaten and Nefertiti?
  8. What does the word pharaoh mean?
  9. Why did Amenhotep IV change his name?
  10. What is the best bow in Assassin's Creed origins?
  11. Which pharaoh reigned during the Exodus?
  12. What did Amenhotep do when he became pharaoh?
  13. Which Pharaoh declared himself a god?
  14. Who is Nefertiti son?
  15. What was the highest ranking priest in all Egypt?
  16. What did Amenhotep IV promote?
  17. Which Ramses fought Moses?
  18. What does Tiye mean?
  19. Who is the best hero in clicker heroes?
  20. Who has the longest reign in Egypt?
  21. Why did Amenhotep call himself Akhenaten?
  22. What part of Egypt did Amenhotep III rule?
  23. What is Amenhotep III famous for?
  24. Where was Amenhotep buried?
  25. Who robbed the pyramids?
  26. For what achievement is Amenhotep IV best known?
  27. Who was Nefertiti in relation to Akhenaten the Pharaoh?
  28. Where is Ramesses II now?
  29. Who was the Pharaoh that favored Joseph?
  30. What was Amenhotep IV known for?
  31. Is Pharaoh a noun?
  32. What is Akhenaten best known for?
  33. What is the name of Pharaoh's son?
  34. Who plays Yuya Sakaki?
  35. What was Amenhotep religion?
  36. Why were priests powerful in Egypt?
  37. Which pharaoh was monotheistic?
  38. Was Yuya a Joseph?
  39. Why was Akhenaten so controversial?
  40. What happens to the soul 40 days after death?
  41. What is the meaning of the name Akhenaten?
  42. What are the characteristics of the Hagia Sophia?
  43. Who was the pharaoh during the exodus?
  44. Was Moses actually Akhenaten?
  45. Who was the Pharaoh before Nefertiti?
  46. What did Amenhotep IV accomplish?
  47. What was the overall message of the Forum of Trajan?
  48. Did the Sumerians defeated the Hittites in 2600 BC?
  49. How many wives can a Pharaoh have?
  50. Is Joseph found in Egyptian history?